The East End Cemetery

Many members of Mrs. Wilson’s family rest at the East End Cemetery in Wytheville, Virginia.

A stone marker erected in 2003 at the Bolling Plot by D.L. Barnett is inscribed:

In Memory of Edith Bolling Wilson
October 15, 1872 – December 28, 1961

Born and raised in Wytheville, she was first married in 1896 at St. John’s Episcopal Church to Norman Galt, a Washington, DC jeweler who died in 1908. Married to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in 1915. Edith became one of the most politically significant women of the 20th Century when she acted on behalf of the President after he suffered a stroke in 1919. She is the only First Lady buried in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Her last visit to Wytheville was on April 26, 1960, to dedicate stained glass windows at St. John’s to her parents’ memory.

Anne E. Bolling – Born August 4, 1809, Died March 8, 1898

William Holcomb Bolling - Born May 29, 1837, Died July 6, 1899

Sallie White Bolling - Born January 5, 1843, Died November 31, 1925

Bertha Bolling – Born October 11, 1869, Died September 20, 1937

Geraldine Bolling – Born August 12, 1885, Died July 6, 1887