The Bolling Home History

The Bolling Home

The Bolling Home above the store fronts.

The Bolling Home was originally constructed in the 1840s. It is a two-story brick building with three storefronts at street level. The Bolling Home was located on the second floor of the building. The front corner room on the east side is believed to have been the bedroom of Edith Bolling Wilson’s parents, William and Sallie Bolling, and where she was born. Judge William Bolling’s study, located beside the bedroom, showcases original bookshelves and the round-arched transom doorway that formerly opened to a balcony. The back porch area was used as additional living quarters and looked over the scenic mountains of Wytheville.

Owners from the 1800s

  • On March, 6, 1839, Evansham was renamed the Town of Wytheville. A committee was created to locate people and businesses into the buildings and property around the newly named town. The section where the Bolling home is located was released to Ephraim McGavock (from a prominent local family who were among the founders of Evansham) by the “Powers of Wytheville.” It was at this time that Mr. McGavock sought out entrepreneurs to occupy the space allotment.
  • In the early 1840s, Farmers Bank of Virginia, a Richmond bank that opened branches in a number of Virginia towns during the antebellum period was the first business to occupy the property.
  • Richard M. Taliaferro, Jr. purchased the building in 1853.
  • Uncle to William Holcombe Bolling, William Terry’s name appears on the deed for this property in 1866. The property was involved in a legal dispute before becoming the Bolling Home. However, in 1860 it is also believed that Dr. Archibald Bolling may have purchased the building through an auction.
  • Circuit Court Judge William H. and Sallie W. Bolling moved into the home about 1866, when the property deed was transferred to William H. Bolling and his mother, Anne E. Bolling.
  • In 1873, William Bolling transferred his share of the deed to his mother.
  • The property then was established in the name of Sallie W. Bolling, Edith Bolling Wilson’s mother, in 1898.
  • Though the family left Wytheville in 1899 after the death of Judge William Bolling, the property remained in Sallie W. Bolling’s name until 1908.