How the SHEEP Helped Win the War!


How the Sheep Helped Win the War is an entertaining book written for the Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Foundation & Museum. The educational book, based on a true story, is written for children and adults will enjoy it too!

The book is designed and written by the museum’s own Farron Smith and her sister, Joyce Covey.

How the SHEEP Helped Win the War tells the story of President and Mrs. Wilson borrowing a flock of sheep to graze the White House lawn during World War I. This idea, perhaps born from Mrs. Wilson’s frugal upbringing in the years after the Civil War, set an example of conservation for the entire country.

Find out how nearly $100,000.00 was raised for the Red Cross for the war effort. The book is a wonderful example to introduce young people to Mrs. Wilson, her era, and her impact on history.

Before you go, be sure and watch The SHEEP Book Trailer!