Wysor Piano Fund

Piano Mary Jane Wysor

Antique Knabe Square Grand Piano donated by Mary Jane Wysor of Wytheville, Virginia.

This grand piano, manufactured in 1840 by the reputable William Knabe & Co. of Baltimore, is one of the oldest pianos of its kind. Primarily constructed of Brazilian Rosewood and embellished with custom carved features, these pianos are rare and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Square grand pianos are distinct from contemporary pianos for their shape and soft, harp-like sound. Victorians generally favored square pianos over their upright successors whose louder, more powerful tones and imposing frames were too bold for most refined tastes.

Due to the loving care of the Wysor family, the Knabe piano is in amazingly good condition for its age. The piano case is in pristine condition, but the workings are in need of mechanical restoration, which is common for a piano of this age. The Wysor Piano Fund has been established to raise funds for its restoration.