Tarter – Catron Bed Fund

Bolling Bed Comes Home

Tarter-Catron Bed

An 1800’s antique bed and dresser belonging to the family of Edith Bolling Wilson has recently come home to Wytheville. The bed was donated by the descendants of the Charles Tarter family who cared for the treasures for over a century. The pieces were passed down through four generations; from Wytheville native Charlie Tarter to his daughter Marguerite Tarter Catron, then to his granddaughter, Jewell Anne Catron Stuart of Pulaski, Virginia. Jewell Stuart slept in the bed as a little girl as did her daughter, Mary Marguerite Stuart.

In October of 2014, Jewell and Gene Stuart generously entrusted the care of the heirloom Bolling bed and dresser to the Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Foundation & Museum. The bed, while in pristine condition considering its age, is in need of restoration before it can be displayed in the birthplace and childhood home of Edith Bolling Wilson. One unique part of the bed, an apparatus located under the bed that becomes a tray when extended, has become inoperative. Fortunately, the pieces are intact and can be repaired. The bed and dresser are both treasures worthy of preservation and a fund is being established to restore these two pieces of furniture that once graced the Bolling Home in Wytheville.